Year : 2003
Category : Dance for children aged 1 and over
Running time : 30 mins
Audience : creche 50 children – infant’s school 100 children – families 120 people
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Chiffonnade is a choreographic creation rich in raw material which can be felt, touched, rustled, pleated, torn, that can be worn or used to disguise, and transform our appearances in the eyes of others. Cocooned within a sphere, a character and a multitude of fabrics become partners in a dance evoking emancipation, with the chrysalis of a child growing until he becomes an adult, spreading his fabric-made wings to fly. From pieces of rags, we can create new worlds…

A dreamlike dance show for very young audience that will embark you on a poetic journey from childhood to adulthood.

The textile material is one of the guiding threads of the creation. The choreography comes from the interaction with the fabrics and the diversity of materials. They play the main role, following and enhancing the dancer’s movement as she takes on her journey from childhood to adulthood.

chiffo_newsletterCAST & CREATIVE

Choreography : Michèle Dhallu
Stage and costume design : Anne Rabaron
Soundtrack : Éric Mauer
Lighting design : Yves-Marie Corfa
Performance : Suzel Barbaroux

Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, Conseil Régional Midi-Pyrénées,
Conseil Général du Gers; Dionysos Cahors scène conventionnée; CIRCa, scène conventionnée d’Auch