The company

Founded by Michèle Dhallu in 1986, our organisation Carré Blanc Cie is devoting its activity to promote contemporary art, dance particularly.
Carré Blanc Cie produces dance shows. As such, the company has a licence for entertainment business and coordinate the human, financial, material and artistic resources to operate the way it does. About 30 people : artists, choreographer, technicians and staff work together to embrace every detail of the performances.

Under the directorship of Michèle Dhallu, the company has run more than 20 productions, which is about 3000 performances at home and abroad (Italia, Spain, Nederlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Romania, Serbia…)

Mostly creating children dance shows, Carré Blanc Cie also works with artists from various disciplines and backgrounds on multi-generational theme. Using different languages (mainly dance, theater, music and visual arts) in her creative process, Michèle Dhallu blends in realism, poetry, dream and also humour.

The company is especially concerned about the audience in many ways. With this in mind, our team is working on the ways of understanding a piece depending on age. In order to create an exchange with the audience, the company has always been involved in education.